Ronse is the first part of a diptych, a visual essay on film shot alongside the school board chalk drawings of Dutch visual artist Bart Lodewijks. Ronse sets out with a superimposition of images. Lodewijks’ technique – chalk drawings on architecture – is repeated in the aesthetic of Desmet: urban images over urban images, structure over structure, text over text. Before and after: we see drawings without chalk and chalk without drawings. Fractals; we see the city as a framework, the frames of the city. We see passages, the travelling shot shows the filmmaker as a passer-by. We see exteriors and interiors, flowers and heads: what is around the work is part of the work. Frames come and go; a wall, an alley, a truck create as many frameworks. Passers-by create the work as they wipe it out: they walk over, alongside and across. Distance by commitment; merely walking by, you are already in the middle.


Drawings Bart Lodewijks
Camera Robbrecht Desmet
Montage Fairuz Ghammam
Color Grading Sebastien Koeppel at Stempel Films Brussels
Assistance Koenraad Deblauwe
Graphic Design Joris Kritis
Support Flemish Government, Mondriaan Fonds NL, City of Ronse
Lab Color By DeJonghe Kortrijk
Equipment FXBox Brussels
Screenings BFI London Film Festival October 2014 / International Film Festival Rotterdam January 2014 / Festival du Film sur l’Art Brussels October 2013 / Courtisane Festival Gent April 2013

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