On a Clear Day


On a Clear Day is a middle-length audiovisual essay created around a series of cinematographically composed spaces of Brussels, shot between 2013 and 2016. The film meanders between establishing shots of stagey landscape views - as if peering into the skyline of Brussels for distinct architectural landmarks so characteristic of its neighboring capitals - and long travelling shots, drifting through the open city. The off-screen text, narrated by actor Dirk Roofthooft and written by the filmmaker, draws inspiration from The Prelude by William Wordsworth, and is an idiosyncratic evocation of the architectural, literary and political history of Europe's capital; looming under the grey concrete surface and in the many layers of its deep history. Flowing with the moving of the camera and entwined with the musical score composed by Nabihah Iqbal, the narration evokes a bodily, experienced but imaginary reading of urban public space.

Camera & text

Robbrecht Desmet

Based on

The poem The Prelude (William Wordsworth, 1850)

Interpreted by

Dirk Roofthooft, Nabihah Iqbal, Orson Wellens


Dieter Diependaele


Laszlo Umbreit


Nabihah Iqbal

Color Grading

Florian Keirse

Produced by

Auguste Orts

With the support of

Flanders Audiovisual Fund, Flemish Community Commission, FLACC Workplace for Visual Artists, Atelier Graphoui, LUCA School of Arts, Beursschouwburg Brussels, On & For Production, Herculeslab - KASK School of Arts — Part of the doctoral research project Mise-en-scène: Work, Space, Body, LUCA School of Arts / KU Leuven, research unit Intermedia.


10 Years Auguste Orts, 24 November 2016, Beursschouwburg, Brussel (Avant-première)

Speak on, Brussels, Show Research LUCA School of Arts, research Unit Intermedia, 18 April 2018